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We blend the power of behavioral economics with established research methodologies to deliver unique and innovative insights.


Our approach revolves around the concept of "mixed methods," combining the strengths of various qualitative and quantitative techniques to unlock a comprehensive understanding of human behavior.

Behavioural Interviews

In-depth interviews and Focus Groups to understand beliefs, motivations, barriers and norms for choices and behaviours


Product and program benchmarking with market leaders/competitors.

Literature Reviews

Scouring the academic literature for theory-based insights to practical problems.

Choice Modeling

Identifying predictors of choices, decisions and behaviours using behavioural economic models

Willingness to Pay

Estimating optimal pricing using latest preference elicitaion techniques 

Persona Creation

Creating clusters of audiences based on psychological, cognitive and economic similarities.

Competitor Analysis

Multi-dimensional competitor comparisons on aspects such as price, features, go-to-market, delivery etc.

Behavioural Audit

Identifying barriers and enablers within product and customer journeys.

Behavioural Analytics

Finding patterns and behavioural insights in existing data


Deploying RCTs and Quasi-experiments to identify effects of behavioural change solutions

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