We apply Behavioural Insights to help organisations attract, retain and scale, products, programmes and policies. 


We create easy, fast, low cost – high impact digital interventions to change behaviour in accordance with the goals of your organisation. Our method involves understanding the psychological determinants that prevent the desired behaviour, designing appropriate nudges, and measuring the effects to understand what works best.


We host NudgeShops and events to help you harness the power of behavioural economics. These are primarily focussed on imparting cutting-edge knowledge about behavioural economics, people science and cognitive science for applications within your institution. We focus on building long-term internal capability.


Our NudgeLab creates behavioural change products and platforms powered by machine learning and behavioural science. These are aimed towards providing personalized and sustainable behaviour change for consumers, businesses and society.

Looking for more? Get in touch with us at info@beastglobal.com to find out how we can work together to solve your problems.