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BEAST U Mentorship Programme

Are you interested in

Behavioural Economics & Finance 

but don't know how to proceed?

Behavioural Economics & Finance is growing by leaps and bounds globally. Organisations are using the behavioural way of thinking to improve products, programmes and policies - examples include Amazon, Google, Uber, World Bank, Goldman Sachs, Blackrock.


Meanwhile, academia is launching new Bachelors, Masters and PhD programmes to address growing industry and research requirements. 


But, if you’re a newbie, you may have exciting questions regarding the world of behavioural economics & finance:

How do organizations leverage it?

What career prospects are available?

Which academic programmes suit my goals? 


These may a handful of questions that may arise if you’re a working professional or student looking to embrace this new science (we know they arose for us :)).


So, to help you get a foot in the door, we have launched a BEAST U Mentorship Programme which connects you with our team of experts who will guide you and answer your curiosities. 


Fill out the form here and we will set up a chat with one of our behavioural experts to get you a personalized 1-1 interaction for FREE!


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